Psilocybin and Depression

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atadmin Staff asked 6 years ago

An interesting article on how psychedelics might have be part of a possible cure for depression.  Will this make things better or worse?

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astrocatzen answered 5 years ago

IME: Better. 
The brain has a biological imperative to keep the body safe.  Take for example:
A: I see a bear
B: The bear sees me
C: The bear takes an aggressive stance
D: I am attacked 
The brain can quickly from a connection from A (I see a bear) to the Fight or Flight response.  This is a neuropathway.  At it’s worst, the brain can trigger the fight or flight response from the thought of a bear.
When using psilocybin, other areas of the brain begin to light up.  I experienced the taste of Country Time Pink Lemonade (something I haven’t had since I was a kid).   Yes– the taste.
After, I felt as though my mind could more readily recognize other options.  Yes, I see the bear, but I have skills and tools to help me here.  Or even– I see the bear, but honestly, the poor little guy is more scared than me.  Time to carry on.
My experience is not for everyone.  I worked with a mental health professional beforehand.  We had a session where I actively set my intention (Why I am taking these?  To experience more of what my mind has to offer.  Am I in a safe environment?  Yes, I am with X.  We are at Y. etc.)